Wednesday night was a day of rest for many of the top players in the league. LeBron James, Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving sat out the Cleveland Cavaliers' game against the Memphis Grizzlies and DeMarcus Cousins rested against the Houston Rockets.

Players resting has become the norm in the NBA these days. With the incorporation of advanced training methods and analytics, it has been determined that a player sitting out a game can be more beneficial for their success in a season. It also helps to lengthen a player's career as James, who has sat out games from time to time in the past few years, is playing in his 14th season but is still in peak condition.

The one drawback to players resting is that it diminishes the fan experience. Fans pay good money to see a player like James take on their home team and if he is resting, then they are denied the experience of watching one of the best players in the league live. Because of this, Rockets coach Mike D'Antoni said he is hoping that the league takes a look at resting players in the offseason and makes some changes.

From ESPN's Calvin Watkins:

"My thought on holding people out in mass, I'm not really for it," D'Antoni said before the Rockets' 132-98 win over the Sacramento Kings on Wednesday. "You think of the kid that travels three hours to see somebody and they don't show up, it's tough. So it's complicated. I know every coach is trying to do the best for his team and trying to win. He has to do what he thinks is right to win. The league may a have to look at it and figure it out."

D'Antoni makes a very valid point but it is hard to go against the results. Players are playing longer than they ever were due to teams paying special attention to their health.

There is always the old-school argument that Larry Bird and Isiah Thomas never rested. But both of those players played for 12 years before their careers ended due to injury. Again, James is in his 14th season but is still in his prime because of how teams these days manage minutes.

The NBA in recent years has tried to limit players resting by reducing the number of back-to-backs. And next season with the new CBA, preseason will be shorter allowing the regular season to start earlier, which will allow fewer back-to-back games. But back-to-back games won't be completely eliminated, meaning teams will continue the practice of resting players when needed.

This is still a major bummer for fans as they don't get to see a player like James or Cousins play live due to rest. But life doesn't always go as we plan. Plus, instead of complaining about a player resting, more fans should be like the Baker family in Memphis.

From Geoff Calkins of the Commercial Appeal:

In the meantime, the Baker family decided to use it as a lesson, about fandom and about life.

"We told Anna Rose that there will be disappointments," said Kimberly Baker. "Things happen sometimes. And while you can appreciate sports, and you can love some of the superstars, what is most important is your team. Your Z-Bo is still there. Your Vince is still there. Your JaMychal is still there. Your Marc is still there.

"LeBron is great, but he's not the Grizzlies. They're the ones playing for you."

With the rest of his coaching brethren outside of D'Antoni valuing players' health more than anything else, it seems unlikely that the league will create a rule around the resting of players. What D'Antoni should be advocating for is the elimination of back-to-backs, which will benefit both fans and players.