Russell Westbrook has just signed the largest contract in NBA history. With this move Westbrook has ended months of concern in the Thunder front office and fanbase that he may choose to not sign his extension, and possibly leave in the future. However, Westbrook put all that to bed when he chose to sign his extension.

He also maybe did something amazingly petty at the same time. For those not in the know, today is the birthday of Kevin Durant! Happy Birthday Kevin Durant! Westbrook signed his historic extension on the same day as his former co-star's birthday. Was this intentional? Probably not. Is it funny? Oh yes.

Westbrook played with Kevin Durant for a very long time and it seems hard to believe he doesn't know when his former teammate's birthday is, but at the same time he probably isn't someone that wakes up everyday thinking about Durant. The timing is just pretty funny.

The real reason Westbrook probably chose to sign the extension now is media day has passed, training camp has begun, and the Thunder just got him two superstars in one summer. With preseason ball about to begin there was never a more perfect time to sign the extension. The potential pettiness of it all is just a nice little bonus.