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Stephen Curry is on one of the hottest streaks in NBA history. Over his past 11 games, the Golden State Warriors star is averaging a staggering 40 points per game and making just under half of his 14.3 3-point attempts per game. Over the course of eight days between April 12-19, he had four games with at least 10 made 3-pointers. In NBA history, Klay Thompson is the only other player with five or more 10 3-pointer games in his entire career. Curry's run is completely unprecedented, and with Golden State now having won five of its past six games, the Warriors trail the No. 8-seeded Memphis Grizzlies by only a single game. 

His streak has the NBA world asking if Nikola Jokic's seemingly iron grasp on the MVP award might be in danger. Curry recently appeared on the Rex Chapman show with the full interview set to be released Thursday, but in a preview released Wednesday, Curry said he's "gotta be" the MVP. 

"I mean, I gotta be," replied Curry. "I gotta be. I probably won't get it, but whatever. 

"I like to be dramatic sometimes so I'm just setting the table."

Curry acknowledged that he "probably won't get" the award, and that is correct. He has already missed eight games, while Jokic has played the entire season. Denver is currently slated to finish fourth in the Western Conference while the Warriors, at best, are looking at a play-in berth. Jokic leads the NBA in virtually every major advanced metric. As dominant as Curry has been lately, the award is given for performance over the entire season. Most prognosticators still lean towards Jokic on that front. 

But the season isn't over yet. The Warriors still have 14 games left, and if Curry can keep this level of performance up through the end of the season, his case will only go stronger. A 25-game streak averaging in the neighborhood of 40 points per game would simply be unheard of, and no matter where the Warriors wind up in the standings, such a performance would certainly force voters to at least reconsider their positions. Curry is fighting an uphill battle for the MVP award, but if he keeps playing this well, anything is possible.