Orlando Magic forward Aaron Gordon wasn't going to let Minnesota Timberwolves guard Zach LaVine win the 2016 Slam Dunk Contest that easily. Gordon kept pace with LaVine for the entire contest, earning 50s on the majority of his dunks.

And although he finished second overall, Gordon put on quite the show and all of his dunks are well worth watching.

For his first dunk, Gordon threw down a between-the-legs reverse dunk. 

Gordon then brought out the Stuff the Magic's mascot and then preceded to dunk over his furry friend.

Stuff helped Gordon out with his third dunk as well. With Stuff spinning around on a hoverboard, Gordon grabbed the ball from the mascot and did a 360 one-handed slam.

For his next dunk, the Magic's mascot came out yet again but this time Gordon grabbed the ball, brought it underneath his legs before throwing it down.

Gordon had to improvise a bit for his fifth dunk. He caught a pass from his teammate Elfrid Peyton off the side of the backboard and then did an athletic two-handed reverse dunk.

With LaVine matching him dunk for dunk, Gordon's final slam was quite spectacular but he only received a 47 on it.

Gordon may have lost but finishing in second place with a performance like that is still quite remarkable.

Aaron Gordon can fly.
Aaron Gordon can fly. (USTAI)