Everyone has assumed that the Miami Dolphins would receive the No. 1 overall selection in the 2020 NFL Draft. Although it may ultimately end up that way, it is far from determined. The Washington Redskins, Cincinnati Bengals and New York Jets are all still looking for their first win heading into Week 6. Let's play out a scenario in which Miami does not pick first. 

The NFL Draft order is based on current records and strength of schedule as CBS Sports' Chris Trapasso pointed out in his mock draft earlier this week. 

NFL Mock Draft
Round 1
Round 1 - Pick 1
Alabama • Sr • 6'1" / 217 lbs
Tank for Tua has hit the Queen City. The Bengals are at least two years away from competing so any player not expected to be a part of that team needs to be shipped out for assets. Add a potential franchise quarterback and continue building the offensive line.
Round 1 - Pick 2
Ohio State • Sr • 6'5" / 264 lbs
Washington needs help across the board so their decision is simple -- take the best player available. Young is an elite pass rusher which is a start for whoever ends up being their next head coach.
Round 1 - Pick 3
Alabama • Sr • 6'1" / 193 lbs
Dolphins fans need a reason to show up on Sundays next season. Jeudy is the kind of player that can take the most routine pitch and catch to the house at any given point in time.
Round 1 - Pick 4
Ohio State • Sr • 6'1" / 202 lbs
Okudah and Jamal Adams would be an awesome duo in that secondary. He is the next great Buckeye cornerback and it allows them to clear some salary cap space from free agent bust Trumaine Johnson.
Round 1 - Pick 5
Georgia • Sr • 6'5" / 315 lbs
If Miami picks in the top-5, the Steelers lost this trade. Minkah Fitzpatrick is a great player but he is already two years into his rookie deal. The Dolphins need offensive line help in the worst way.
Round 1 - Pick 6
Iowa • Sr • 6'6" / 260 lbs
It is unlikely that Dan Quinn will be back next season, but Epenesa would be a great fit in his scheme. The Falcons defense has been terrible this season and they have been unable to deliver a pass rush. Epenesa can provide some help in that avenue.
Round 1 - Pick 7
LSU • Sr • 6'3" / 208 lbs
The pick is not the most well-timed considering how well Kareem Jackson played this weekend but Delpit is a different kind of athlete. He can have the same level of impact that Derwin James has had with the Chargers.
Round 1 - Pick 8
Florida • Sr • 6'1" / 204 lbs
Arizona invested an early pick on Byron Murphy last year but they will need to replace Patrick Peterson sooner rather than later.
Round 1 - Pick 9
Oklahoma • Sr • 6'2" / 200 lbs
Lamb has been mocked here a few times now. Jacksonville really does not have a No. 1 wide receiver. The Oklahoma star can fill that role for Gardner Minshew II.
Round 1 - Pick 10
Penn State • Sr • 6'5" / 265 lbs
The Giants reportedly tried to trade back up in the 2019 NFL Draft for Josh Allen. Pass rush is a need so adding Gross-Matos could potentially solve that concern.
Round 1 - Pick 11
Alabama • 6'0" / 190 lbs
The Chargers have been accustomed to having Travis Benjamin or Tyrell Williams working out of the slot. The addition of Ruggs will allow Mike Williams and Keenan Allen to work in the slot. College football fans have already witnessed the speed that he offers.
Round 1 - Pick 12
Georgia • Jr • 6'2" / 215 lbs
Marcus Mariota is not the answer. Fromm is a quarterback with an elite understanding of how defenses work. His ceiling is higher than any other quarterback prospect.
Round 1 - Pick 13
LSU • Sr • 6'3" / 245 lbs
Chaisson presents some elite pass rush traits. His issue is that he has struggled to stay healthy, which has to be terrifying for a Tampa Bay team impeded by defensive injuries so much in recent years.
Round 1 - Pick 14
TCU • Jr • 6'6" / 315 lbs
If you watched Monday Night Football, you understand that Cleveland has a left tackle issue. Niang is solid in all aspects.
Round 1 - Pick 15
Clemson • Sr • 6'4" / 219 lbs
Parris Campbell has not provided much to the offense this season. The offense looks so much different when T.Y. Hilton is not on the field. They can not afford to be so dependent. By adding Higgins, they become less susceptible to injury.
Round 1 - Pick 16
LSU • Sr • 5'11" / 197 lbs
The Cowboys could lose Byron Jones and either of their starting safeties this offseason so it is imperative that they address the secondary in the 2020 NFL Draft.
Round 1 - Pick 17
Alabama • Jr • 6'5" / 312 lbs
Carolina's defense has been lights out. They could use a true No. 1 wide receiver but offensive tackle is also a need. It was not filled by Greg Little.
Round 1 - Pick 18
Alabama • Fr • 6'3" / 240 lbs
The Rams have Clay Matthews but he is nearing the end of his career. By adding Dylan Moses, he can learn and become the leader of the future on that defense. He should rebound from his torn ACL in plenty of time for the NFL Combine.
Round 1 - Pick 19
Clemson • Sr • 6'4" / 238 lbs
There is no linebacker prospect that tackles better in open space than Simmons. They brought back Anthony Barr but their linebacker room needs some revamping.
Round 1 - Pick 20
Oregon • Sr • 6'6" / 236 lbs
The Raiders usher in the Las Vegas era with a new quarterback. Herbert is far from a perfect quarterback but his big arm would be an asset to Jon Gruden's system.
Round 1 - Pick 21
Boise State • Soph • 6'2" / 265 lbs
Baltimore's defense has been a paper tiger this season. They have some issues and it starts on the edge. Weaver already has 9.0 sacks already in 2019. He is a bear to defend.
Round 1 - Pick 22
Michigan • Jr • 6'4" / 215 lbs
Collins does not get discussed as much as some of his peers. The poor quarterback play in Ann Arbor is one reason, but Collins shows a lot of the traits that have been appealing to the Raiders in the past.
Round 1 - Pick 23
Virginia • Sr • 6'1" / 202 lbs
The Eagles have identified the cornerback position as a need. Hall can come in and compete from Day 1.
Round 1 - Pick 24
Notre Dame • Sr • 6'5" / 241 lbs
The Lions have several areas that they could potentially address but there are not the glaring weaknesses that have been present on the roster in the past. It could be an opportunity to cut some payroll with a young player.
Round 1 - Pick 25
Oklahoma • Jr • 6'4" / 302 lbs
The Sooners offensive line lost everyone from last season's squad except Humphrey. He could cash in this year but he still has two years left of college football if he chooses.
Round 1 - Pick 26
Stanford • Jr • 6'1" / 192 lbs
Buffalo has added a lot of talented pieces to their defense and none of them seem to possess the diva gene. Adebo is another smart player that could step in at the boundary position opposite Tre'Davious White or he could thrive in the nickel.
Round 1 - Pick 27
Auburn • Jr • 6'5" / 308 lbs
Russell Wilson is a magician but he should not have to do everything on his own. Wanogho is a quality offensive tackle option.
Round 1 - Pick 28
Vanderbilt • Fr • 6'4" / 257 lbs
It may have taken longer than anticipated but the Saints finally get a replacement for Jimmy Graham.
Round 1 - Pick 29
Wisconsin • Sr • 6'4" / 316 lbs
The Chiefs allowed Mitch Morse to walk in free agency. They have weaved together a serviceable offensive line comprised mostly of cast-offs from other teams but it is time to invest in Patrick Mahomes' protection.
Round 1 - Pick 30
Georgia • Sr • 5'9" / 215 lbs
Swift is an all-around asset. He is an elusive runner with the ability to catch the ball out of the backfield or stay home and block for Aaron Rodgers.
Round 1 - Pick 31
Alabama • Sr • 6'2" / 195 lbs
The 49ers are weak at the cornerback position. Their pass rush makes them look better but better cornerbacks can produce more turnovers.
Round 1 - Pick 32
Auburn • Sr • 6'5" / 320 lbs
New England tried to fill the nose tackle role with Malcolm Brown but that did not pan out. Although their defense has played really well this season, Brown would still be an upgrade.