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The 2020 NFL trade deadline is right around the corner, and some believe the uncertainty surrounding the league's 2021 salary cap could prompt even more clubs to get busy unloading or absorbing notable contracts ahead of the offseason. The Baltimore Ravens gave us an early taste of deadline action with their recent deal for pass rusher Yannick Ngakoue, but there are dozens of other big names still on the block, with the Tuesday, Nov. 3, deadline looming large.

Wondering who's up for grabs? You came to the right place. Below, we've stockpiled 75 different names to know ahead of the deadline, separated by position. Not all of the players listed are likely to be traded (either because of their value to their current team or the complications of their contract), but all of them have repeatedly either been speculated or reported as potential trade chips.

The following list will also be updated if/when players from each position group are actually dealt.


Already traded: N/A

Haskins and Darnold are the juiciest names to watch as former first-round picks on the outskirts, but they both seem more like offseason targets. Guys like Fitzpatrick and Taylor make more sense as stopgap starters or insurance policies for QB-needy teams like the Dallas Cowboys.


Already traded: N/A

Johnson is astoundingly still just 23, but he's been shoved to the curb in a crowded Lions backfield after battling several injuries. Howard could make for a plug-and-play short-yardage option down the stretch.


Already traded: N/A

Easily the biggest crop of the whole list. If you need a receiver, this is the year to call around. All indications are the Falcons intend to keep Jones, but that shouldn't -- and probably won't -- stop teams from inquiring. Any one of Fuller, Cooks, Stills or Jones could conceivably fill starting duties and offer some big-play potential for a contender in the playoff hunt.


Already traded: N/A

The Eagles' Zach Ertz would've topped this list by a mile, giving Philly an obvious asset for negotiations, but his ankle injury, which landed him on injured reserve, all but nixes any chance of the Pro Bowler heading elsewhere.


Already traded: N/A

It's not often you find so many starting-caliber linemen potentially on the market. Most, if not all, come with a cost, but if you're desperate for reinforcements up front, guys like Thuney, Scherff and Mack can still offer top-level production.

Pass rusher

Already traded: DE Yannick Ngakoue (Vikings to Ravens), DE Carlos Dunlap (Bengals to Seahawks), DE Everson Griffen (Cowboys to Lions), OLB Markus Golden (Giants to Cardinals), DE Jordan Willis (Jets to 49ers)

Like Julio Jones, Watt is a long shot to be dealt. But never say never with the Texans, who figure to embrace a total rebuild at some point, with Bill O'Brien's roster management still affecting the club.


Already traded: Steve McLendon (Jets to Buccaneers)

New York assuredly doesn't want to part with Tomlinson, arguably the highest-upside interior defender here, but Dave Gettleman may not have a choice if he wants to salvage as much draft capital as possible for further roster overhaul.


Already traded: N/A

Perhaps the least inspiring of the position groups, this crop could still be attractive to a team like the Pittsburgh Steelers, which is clearly in Super Bowl contention mode and has a LB need with Devin Bush done for the year.


Already traded: N/A

Gilmore would be a major get for any team, but only if New England is honest with itself about its 2020 prospects and wants to capitalize on the corner's value sooner rather than later. The rest of the vets are hit or miss, as goes the position.


Already traded: N/A

Neither Denver nor Minnesota would prefer to move on from their premier safeties, but both sides are clearly approaching a rebuild, and both veterans could probably fetch decent picks in a deadline deal. The Cleveland Browns are a team to watch here, especially with old Vikings coordinator Kevin Stefanski having ties to both Smith and Harris.