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If you watch the NFL at all, you know very well that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The intent is to bring attention and hopefully raise money to find a cure and it's done by sporting pink. Lots and lots of pink.

In hockey we've seen teams do their own tributes. Most often that has meant dying the entire sheet of ice pink but Red Wings goaltender Jimmy Howard is going to go a little more understated with a special helmet.

Way to go Jimmy, excellent look. And that won't be all as St. James says Howard will sport a pink blocker and glove and possibly even pads.

Howard's helmet is highlight by a giant pink ribbon, symbol of breast cancer awareness. Howard also will wear a pink glove and blocker, but isn't sure whether he'll have time to break in pads.

St. James makes it sound like it will be a one-game thing for Howard instead of the whole month but either way hopefully it not only raises awareness for the issue further but can also generate some money to fund the attempts to find a cure for a fan that would like to have a used, sweaty bucket by the Wings goaltender.

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