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Multiple athletes from the Australia's Olympic team are facing discipline for their behavior on a return flight from the Tokyo Olympics. According to a report by 7News, members of Australia's rugby and soccer teams instigated a state of unruliness on a 10-hour flight back home to Sydney from Tokyo, which included a number of transgressions stemming from alleged excessive alcohol consumption.

According to the Australian Olympic team chef de mission Ian Chesterman, players were loud and disruptive to other passengers on the plane, failed to respond to requests made by flight attendants and also rendered the plane's toilet unusable after a member of the soccer team allegedly vomited in it.

The athletes also allegedly raided the flight's supply of alcohol, which was located in a galley.

While Japan Airlines did not file a formal complaint, the airline did bring the athletes' behavior to the attention of the Australian Olympic Committee.

"There were other Australians returning on that flight ... it's not the standard the Australian Olympic Committee expects and not the standard the sports expect too," Australian Olympic Committee chief executive Matt Carroll said.

While team officials do not yet know specifics of which players were involved, discipline for any players involved will ultimately be determined by Rugby Australia and Football Australia. A total of 49 athletes from nine different sports were on the flight.

News of the inebriated escapades of certain players was accompanied by news of the state of Olympic Village rooms vacated by members of the Australian rugby and rowing teams. Some rooms were allegedly left in "unacceptable" condition, including one room which had a hole in the wall.

Those involved in the hole in the wall incident allegedly apologized, and will not be disciplined. According to Vice News, the wall in question was described as "flimsy" and "temporary".