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Daiya Seto, who is currently the world's top all-around swimmer, won't be competing again in 2020. Seto has been suspended for the rest of the year "for breaching the Japan Swimming Federation's sportsmanlike conduct standards," according to Reuters. The punishment was handed down on Tuesday, a month after it was reported that Seto had an extramarital affair. 

"My careless act hurt my precious family and caused trouble and dismay for all my supporters, sponsoring companies and many other people," Seto told the Kyodo News in a statement.

Seto has resigned from his position as the Japanese Olympic swim team captain, but will still be able to compete in the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo. In addition, the 26-year old also cut ties with a corporate sponsor as a result of the scandal.

"How can I apologize?" Seto said on Tuesday, Reuters reported. "I have been asking myself if I can, but I think my apology is to continue swimming, restoring the trust of my family, who have been deeply hurt by my irresponsible behavior. I would like to seriously face swimming with the determination to start over so that my family and everyone will recognize me as a swimmer again. I'm really sorry."

Seto has had a storied swimming career. He won a bronze medal in the 400m at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. He then swept the individual medleys at the 2019 World Championships and that honor earned Seto the title of the world's best all-around swimmer.

The Japanese swimmer is still expected to compete in the 400m event at the Summer Olympics in 2021.