All eyes are on the respective host city when the Olympics are taking place, but sometimes the locations and venues become a lot less glamorous after the Games roll out of town. Once the athletes, teams and fans have left, the event spots often get abandoned.

Host cities work to make their location look pristine during the Games, but once the spotlight is off, those locations are not always used as frequently and the once brand new spot takes a turn. Taking a look back at Olympics over the years, some locations have become shells of what they once were.

Here is a look at some former Olympic venues that have become abandoned.

2016 Summer Olympic: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


The Olympic Aquatics stadium at Olympic Park in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is now abandoned, as little has taken place here since the Games. The photo was taken in 2017.

2008 Summer Olympics: Beijing, China


This was once the beach volleyball stadium at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games and is now the site of rotting wood.


This sign, now faded, was at the beach volleyball stadium for the 2008 Games. The photo was taken in 2018.

2004 Summer Olympics: Athens, Greece


This photo taken from 2014 is of the Olympic Baseball Stadium at the Helliniko Olympic complex in Athens, Greece from the 2004 Olympics.

1984 Winter Olympics: Sarajevo, Bosnia


This is an aerial view of an abandoned bobsled track from the Winter Olympics in Sarajevo, Bosnia. The Olympics were held in 1984 and the photo was taken in 2018.

Here is a closer look at the track:

Getty Images

The below destroyed Olympic rings were once on the Olympic Ski Jump in Sarajevo, Bosnia for the Games. The photo is from 2015.


1936 Summer Olympics: Berlin, Germany


This swimming pool was used as the swim hall a long time ago, during the 1936 Berlin Games in the Olympic Village. The photo was taken in 2021.