Usain Bolt's abilities are well known. As the fastest man alive, it's expected that he'll win his designated races. However, it doesn't seem as though humans should be able to move at the rate of speed Bolt does and every single time we see him go up against the best, we remain in shock over his abilities.

Bolt once again won the 100-meter dash to retain the title of "Fastest Man Alive" and win his third straight Olympic gold medal in the event.

The Jamaican superstar didn't appear to have the best start as American Justin Gatlin blazed to the front of the pack. But Bolt was not to be denied. Down the stretch he found his second gear and made the speedy Gatlin, who would finish with silver, look like he was running at half speed. The world stood, mouth agape, as Bolt cruised over the finish line looking as dominant as ever.

Nobody makes it look easier than Usain Bolt. USATSI

Before Bolt could even start celebrating the internet was doing it for him. From fellow athletes to mere mortals, Bolt's dominance has everyone talking.

Even LeBron James and others from the world of sport had to chime in with a hat tip to the fastest man alive:

The rest of the world could not contain their excitement, nor their memes, emojis, GIFs and good humor while awed by the greatest sprinter the world has ever known.

There are few athletes in the world that can universally impress us as much as Bolt can. We should all enjoy what we're witnessing because there may never be another one like him.