Ryan Lochte has been suspended 10 months by both the United States Olympic Committee and USA Swimming in the aftermath of his well publicized incident in Rio de Janeiro last month.

After reports on Wednesday, Lochte officially received his suspension on Thursday along with the three other swimmers involved in the incident, who have received four-month bans.

Lochte will forfeit the $100,000 in bonus money that went with his gold medal at the Olympics.

He'll also be banned from the 2017 World Championships next July in Budapest, and will get no monthly funding from either the USOC or USA Swimming. He will also be denied access to USOC training centers, must perform 20 hours of community service and will miss Team USA's post-Olympics trip to the White House.

The three other swimmers involved, Gunnar Bentz, Jack Conger and Jimmy Feigen, also lose funding and training access, and will be eligible starting Jan. 1.

The 12-time Olympic medalist was charged two weeks ago by Rio police for filing a false robbery report. The 32-year-old swimmer initially claimed that he was robbed at gunpoint by men posing as police officers.

Doubts were almost immediately raised about Lochte's version of events, and he later admitted that he had embellished the story. None of the other three U.S. swimmers involved in the incident -- including Feigen, who initially corroborated Lochte's story but later gave a revised statement to the police -- have been charged with a crime.

Lochte has lost multiple sponsors as a result of the incident, and has stated that he's ready to move on with his career and his life.

Fellow swimmer Michael Phelps was suspended six months by USA Swimming following a DUI arrest in 2014.