Apparently Luzhniki Stadium had a slight lapse of security during its World Cup final match between France and Croatia. In the second half with France leading 2-1 and Croatia advancing the ball up the final third, a posse of pitch invaders interrupted the match before quickly being accosted and dragged -- not so nicely -- off the pitch.

Because if there's one country you want to embarrass on a national stage with its president in attendance, it's Russia.

The real question is, how in the world do this many people even get on the field? For what it's worth, Russian protest performance group Pussy Riot claimed responsibility shortly after the invaders stormed the field. The feminist punk rock group out of Moscow took to social media to post a statement regarding the invasion. 

While fans on Twitter were certainly amused by the incident, there was an underlying annoyance that people would think this is a good idea at the biggest soccer match in the world.

Who knows why anyone thought that this was a good idea. Rushing the field is always stupid, and fans don't even enjoy it, especially in a sport like soccer where things are relatively nonstop.

Luckily, the disruption was minimal and their 15 seconds of fame was more like five seconds. Both teams were visibly annoyed by the situation, with Croatia's Dejan Lovren reacting to one of them himself, but play resumed shortly after.