Naomi Osaka won her first career Grand Slam at the US Open on Saturday, but all the talk surrounded her opponent. Her win came over Serena Williams. And although the 23-time singles Grand Slam champion showed no ill will towards her 20-year-old opponent, she certainly wasn't happy with how the match was officiated.

Williams received two warnings -- one for her coach sending her signals and one for her breaking her racket -- before Osaka was given a game by umpire Carlos Ramos, who apparently thought that Williams had crossed a line verbally. Williams was fined $17,000 for the incidents.

What has resulted is a firestorm of controversy, which has only been fueled by Williams saying during the match that Ramos would never have issued warnings to a man and demanding an apology. She also told Ramos that he knows her, and as a mother and a woman she's trying to set an example and would never cheat.

On Monday's "Off the Bench" podcast with Danny Kanell and Raja Bell, Bell had plenty to say on the topic. He says that while he initially felt bad for Osaka for having a win over her idol spoiled in such a way, he understands Williams calling Ramos a "thief" since he handed Osaka a game. Kanell added that for Ramos to take over the match in such a way on such a big stage was "wrong." The two disagreed, however, on whether Williams being a woman was a factor. While Kanell thinks that the warnings were independent of that, Bell thinks that Ramos took it more personally because Williams is a woman.

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