WWE superstar Jason Jordan will be out of action after undergoing a successful surgical procedure on his neck, WWE.com confirmed on Tuesday. While the procedure was described as "minimally invasive" by WWE medical director Dr. Joseph Maroon, there is no timetable for the return of the former multi-time tag team champion. 

"He had an injury to a disc in his neck which resulted in significant pain that was refractory to all conservative measures," Maroon said. "It was decided to do a minimally invasive operation to decompress the nerve, to allow it to heal."  

During a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, veteran insider Dave Meltzer reported that Jordan's neck injury was more serious than some were leading on. He even went so far as to say Jordan's having trouble gripping with his hands, comparing his injury to the neck issues suffered by both Edge and Arn Anderson, ailments that abruptly ended their respective careers. 

At the Royal Rumble, Jordan and partner Seth Rollins lost the WWE Raw tag team championship to Sheamus & Cesaro, and in an angle that was run on television this past Monday night on Raw, he was sent home by storyline father and Raw general manager Kurt Angle after costing Rollins and Roman Reigns the tag team titles. It was promoted earlier in the show that Jordan would be teaming with Rollins to try to regain the tag team belts, but later in the show, Angle and Jordan broke the news to Rollins that he could not compete due to a neck injury. Reigns quickly stepped in for him during the backstage segment. 

As it turns out, the neck injury was more than just a storyline on television. 

Jordan made the jump from NXT to the WWE main roster in 2016 as part of the brand split draft. He made his debut alongside American Alpha partner Chad Gable, appearing as members of the SmackDown Live brand. In December 2016, Jordan and Gable captured the SmackDown tag team championship, holding the titles for 84 days before dropping them in March 2017. After losing the straps, American Alpha never really rebounded as a team and were seen less and less on television together. 

In July 2017, Jordan was moved to the Raw brand where he was immediately inserted into one of the hottest angles on the show. He was revealed to be the kayfabe son of Angle and has been a fairly consistent part of Raw each week since. His latest storyline with Rollins frequently saw him as one of the focal points of WWE's weekly flagship show. 

Of course, the injury could not have come at a worse time for the former Indiana University amateur wrestling star. With his recovery time being unknown at this point, one of the main stars of Raw could miss out on the biggest show of the year, WrestleMania 34, which takes place Sunday, April 8 in New Orleans. 

And to that point, with the way the storyline seemed to be headed, Rollins could potentially be without an opponent on the grandest stage of 'em all.