There are plenty of iconic things about Dwayne Johnson, the man better known to many as "The Rock." One of the highest-paid actors in the world today, The Rock made his bones as a WWE superstar who was able to captivate audiences through his amazing athleticism, tremendous mic skills and unique look.

Part of that look was, of course, what he called the People's Eyebrow. But his signature Brahma Bull tattoo -- which became so synonymous with The Rock that it was featured prominently on his primary T-shirt both in WWE and now for his deal with Under Armor -- is no more.


Johnson tried to explain his decision while showing off the new tattoo in an Instagram post, but honestly, I think we can all agree this was a big mistake.

OK, maybe we're just being sentimental here. Things change. The Rock obviously feels he has a personal reason to make this move. Still, it's going to be weird to see The People's Champ and a WWE legend without something that has been synonymous with him literally the entire time he's been famous.