Tom Herman, maybe just moments before dropping that mic. USATSI

College coaches are all well-versed in not saying something that might actually mean anything. Whether during sideline interviews with reporters or at press conferences, most coaches know better than to say something that might cause a stir.

Which is why things like booster clubs and rotary clubs are so important to college football. Inside the closed doors of a meeting hall, coaches feel free to let loose and play more to the audience. That's what Houston's Tom Herman did while speaking to a local rotary club.

Via Justin Duarte of the Houston Chronicle, we have Herman dropping some fire on Houston's American Athletic Conference West Division rival SMU.

Oh no he did-n't.

I respect the flame coming from Herman, even if it's factually inaccurate. The Independence Bowl hasn't been the Poulan Weed Eater Independence Bowl since 1997. That's damn near 20 years ago, but again, the facts of the situation aren't what's important here.

What matters is that Herman is dropping bombs on SMU, a program that Houston won 11 more games than last season. So you could say he's kicking a program while it's down, but that's what you do to in-state rivals -- particularly ones you share a division with.