Fantasy Rankings

Welcome to's Fantasy Rankings! The Fantasy Rankings track the performance of each fantasy player and award points based on both a user's participation level and skill level.

Fantasy players can accumulate points by participating in any of the Fantasy sports offered by Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, College Football, College Basketball, Golf, and Racing.

Fantasy Levels Legend
10 - 999Level 1
21,000 - 2,499Level 2
32,500 - 4,999Level 3
45,000 - 9,999Level 4
510,000 - 14,999Level 5
615,000 - 22,499Level 6
722,500 - 29,999Level 7
830,000 - 39,999Level 8
940,000 - 49,999Level 9
1050,000+Level 10
What is a Fantasy Level?
Fantasy Levels are used to reflect the level of fantasy activity and expertise a user has. The more games a user participates in and the better that user performs, the higher Fantasy Level they will achieve.

A user's Fantasy Level incorporates all of their historical Fantasy information in its calculation. Whatever performance points a user accumulates on the site will stay with them as long as they keep their user ID.

How is my Fantasy Level calculated?
Fantasy Level points are awarded based on two criteria: participation and performance. Here's a list of the current points system:

  • Having a team in a Commissioner league will result in an award of 50 points plus a 25-point bonus for each year the league has been in the system.
  • The user that submits payment for a Commissioner league will receive an award of 100 points, plus a 50-point bonus for each year that the league has been in the system.
  • Signing up for and managing any eligible team, in any Fantasy sport, will result in an award of points dependent on the product level: Free teams will earn 5 points per team, Basic/Silver teams earn 10 points, Gold teams earn 30 points, Platinum teams earn 100 points, Diamond teams earn 250 points, and Double Diamond teams earn 500 points.
  • Signing up for a's Mock Draft product will result in an award of 5 points
  • Creating an Office Pool with at least 8 participants will result in an award of 20 points plus an additional point for each owner in the pool plus 2 points for every week or round in which picks are made.
  • Playing in an Office Pool with at least 8 participants will result in an award of one point for every 5 pool participants above 10.

Additional activities that may result in points awarded may be added to this list at any time, and the points awarded for those listed above may change at any time. However, once points are awarded they will not be taken away. All points are awarded at the conclusion of the sport season (e.g. for Baseball, awards will be given out in October).

When did the Fantasy Level calculation start?
All current Fantasy products are eligible for fantasy level points. Fantasy Level calculations, as seen above, started with 2005 Fantasy games. We will do our best to include as many pre-2005 products as possible into the calculation, although points awarded for pre-2005 products may vary from the normal awards.

Can I transfer my Fantasy Level points to another user ID?
No. Your user ID should be used for all your interactions with web sites and should not be shared.

Can I change the name that's displayed for me?
Yes. You may change your displayed name on a team by team basis via the Options page, which may be accessed from within your Fantasy league or team page. You can also change the name displayed with your overall Rankings here.

*Please note that changes to your name will not be reflected right away in some reports and will have to wait until the next time the rankings are updated.

How do I keep my information private, so that other users can't see it?
You may edit your privacy information at any time be going here on the website. You will be able to change your displayed user name as well hide your information from public viewing.