There's a good chance you've seen Dallas sportscaster Dale Hansen deliver a monologue behind his desk at WFAA before. He's given impassioned speeches on controversial topics in the past, including racism at a Texas high school basketball game and the Cowboys' signing of Greg Hardy, and they're usually pretty great.

This week, Hansen delivered his latest, this time focusing on Donald Trump's comments last week and the wave of protests that they inspired across the NFL over the weekend.

Once again, Hansen is pretty on-point with his "Unplugged" essay as he touches on Trump, the right to peaceful protest, as well as patriotism and racism in America. His broadcast came following Monday night's game in Phoenix, where the entire Cowboys team -- including owner Jerry Jones -- took a knee before the national anthem but stood while it was played. 

Hansen's sweet spot seems to be delivering strong messages in a concise but effective manner, and this is just the latest one that people should make time for.