The Toronto Blue Jays have suspended center fielder Kevin Pillar for two games following him visibly using a gay slur during Wednesday night's game against the Braves in Atlanta. Blue Jays general manager Ross Atkins made the announcement to media Thursday (via USA Today). 

Pillar struck out against Braves reliever Jason Motte late in Wednesday's 8-4 Blue Jays loss and said something that drew the ire of both Motte and Braves catcher Kurt Suzuki. Benches cleared and there was nearly a brawl. Many people seeing the up-close replay of Pillar's actions were able to see him visibly say the six-letter gay slur that begins with the letter "f." 

After the game, Pillar attempted to explain himself. While he did admit it was "immature" and "stupid" he also slipped in that this was "part of the game." 

He circled the wagons, so the speak, on Thursday with the following statement: 

The Blue Jays followed with a statement of their own: 

The Jays then followed by suspending Pillar, though Atkins told reporters the suspension was in conjunction with Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association. So don't expect any further punishment for Pillar on the matter. 

Pillar, 28, is in his fifth major-league season. He's hitting .305/.357/.497 with 12 doubles, six homers and six steals this season in addition to being an excellent defender in center. In terms of his on-field contributions, the Blue Jays will miss him for these two games.