A video of Chris Sale trashing clubhouse equipment quickly went viral after his lackluster rehab start with the Triple-A Worcester Red Sox on Wednesday night. Since has since admitted he "acted like an idiot," but he did not claim to be 100% responsible for the fallout the video has caused.

"That's their problem for videoing it," Sale told reporters Thursday. "If you want me to act like a normal person, treat me like a normal person. This isn't like, a normal atmosphere. If I was at Bank of America, that wouldn't fly, but this isn't Bank of America."

The incident occurred after Sale allowed a run and walked five batters through 3 2/3 innings against the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Railriders. Sale said he hadn't walked five players in a long time, so his frustration got the best of him.

The outburst happened in the tunnel between the team dugout and clubhouse, which Sale said he assumed was a private and safe space for him to let out his emotions.

"I acted like an idiot last night and I've acted like an idiot before," he said. "I've done it in the dugout and I've been told through the years, 'hey, take it to the tunnel.'"

Sale admitted that his behavior was not appropriate and even compared it to a seven-year-old throwing a "temper tantrum." He also said the pressure sometimes gets to him, and that he should not be expected to act perfect all the time. 

"It's who I am. It's what makes me a big leaguer," Sale said. "It's what makes me good at my job. It might not be the best for the public eye but what is? Who's perfect? Name him. I'd like to shake his hand."

According to CBS Boston, Sale replaced the TV that he destroyed and also "spent over $6,000 on lunch and dinner for the players, coaches and staff."