The Houston Astros enter August sporting a 69-36 record that is far and away the best in the American League. Houston also owns the largest division lead in baseball, at 16 games, meaning it's accurate to write that no team is more secure in their standing than the Astros.

Yet that doesn't mean everything is cold Coca Cola and Reese's cups in Houston. In fact, we know otherwise. That's because ace Dallas Keuchel address the Astros' quiet trade deadline on Tuesday, calling it "disappointing." Here's video of his comments:

Keuchel isn't alone in his assessment that Houston could have done more. Our own Matt Snyder labeled the Astros the biggest deadline loser, as their only add was Francisco Liriano -- a veteran lefty whose 5.88 ERA and 1.72 strikeout-to-walk ratio should each improve as he's shifted to the bullpen. Add in how the Astros are weathering injuries to various key players -- Lance McCullers and Carlos Correa included -- and how other AL teams -- like, say, the New York Yankees -- improved by leaps and bounds, and you can feel Keuchel's disappointment.

None of this means the Astros are doomed. You'd probably be wise to pick them to represent the AL in the World Series. But for the first time this season, there's drama in H-Town.