Hall of Famer Goose Gossage was one of the most dominant relievers in baseball back during his playing days. Gossage saved 310 games, won a World Series with the Yankees in 1978, and earned five top six finishes in the Cy Voting.

On Thursday, Gossage laid into Blue Jays slugger Jose Bautista, calling him a "a f---ing disgrace to the game." Here are Gossage's comments, via Andrew Marchand of ESPN New York:

"Bautista is a f---ing disgrace to the game," Gossage told ESPN. "He's embarrassing to all the Latin players, whoever played before him. Throwing his bat and acting like a fool, like all those guys in Toronto. [Yoenis] Cespedes, same thing."

Gossage, who is in Yankees camp as a guest instructor, also went on rant against the "nerds" in the front offices who are ruining baseball. Pretty standard "the game was better back when I played!" stuff.

As it just so happens, the Blue Jays are in Tampa to play the Yankees Thursday afternoon, so Goosage's comments made their way to Bautista in the visiting clubhouse. He responded as well and as politely as possible:

"He's a great ambassador for the game," Bautista told ESPN after being told of Gossage's comments. "I don't agree with him. I'm disappointed that he made those comments, but I'm not going to get into it with him. I would never say anything about him, no matter what he said about me. I have too much good stuff to worry about his comments. Today' is my first game [of the spring,] getting ready for a new season, hopefully, we will whoop some more ass."

Gossage is certainly not the first person to be upset with Bautista over his bat flip in last year's ALDS. He's only the latest. That he's a Hall of Fame player and used such vulgar language makes this stand out.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but Bautista comes out looking better here in my book. Gossage just sounds like a grumpy jerk. That's too bad. Bautista's a great player who does a ton of charity work. He should be celebrated, not ripped.

Goose Gossage called Jose Bautista a 'f---ing disgrace to the game.'
Goose Gossage called Jose Bautista a 'f---ing disgrace to the game.' (USATSI)