Pitchers and catchers are a little more than five weeks away from reporting for duty. That means we're closing in on images of players playing long toss in T-shirts and shorts, and on stories about how darn near every player is in optimal shape. Fun, right?

As it turns out, the party is getting started early for Pablo Sandoval, who appears to be in tip-top shape -- if this video is any indication, anyway:

Many will take this as an encouraging sign for the Boston Red Sox. Over the winter, Dave Dombrowski traded both Travis Shaw and Yoan Moncada, leaving Sandoval as the default option at third base. Whether that's a smart or silly decision hinges largely on your belief in Sandoval's ability to bounce back offensively -- and that belief likely hinges on how seriously Sandoval takes his conditioning.

Of course, Sandoval's form seems to take on importance only when he fails to perform. When he was an offensive standout with the San Francisco Giants, his figure served almost as a part of his charm. Now it's a huge negative because the results aren't there.

Yes, it stands to reason players who are in great shape are more likely to succeed than those who are not, but the point is you shouldn't get too worked up one way or another about this video.