Yankees Fan Haircut
Twitter Screen Capture

The New York Yankees have had their fair share of struggles since the All-Star break. It's gotten so bad that fans are finding other activities to keep themselves occupied while the games are going on at Yankee Stadium.

During Tuesday's 3-1 loss to the Tampa Bay Rays, YES Network cameras caught one particular fan, who was wearing a barber's bib, receiving a haircut from another fan. The barber was equipped with a comb, spray bottle, and scissors.

How some of these items -- particularly the scissors -- made it into Yankee Stadium and past security remains a mystery. Still, nearby fans could be seen watching the haircut take place rather than the game itself.

"Wow — they're giving haircuts in the bleachers. I need a little trim. Want to go out there tomorrow?" Yankees play-by-play announcer Michael Kay asked his broadcast partners during the telecast.

"I don't know if that guy's board certified, Michael," former Yankees great Paul O'Neill added. "You might come back looking awful funny."

Getting a haircut while attending a Major League Baseball game is certainly a strange occurrence. However, perhaps fans just can't bear to watch this Yankees team as they have struggled mightily lately after a blistering start.

The Yankees have lost three consecutive games and dropped 11 of their last 13 contests. The Yankees are fortunate that they jumped out to a huge lead in the American League East in the first half of the season and still lead the Rays by nine games for first place.