It finally happened. Of the two biggest dominoes in baseball free agency, Manny Machado was the first to fall. The San Diego Padres and Machado agreed to terms on a 10-year, $300 million contract on Tuesday, ending what's been an incredibly long offseason of agents and GMs staring at each other over a number.

Beyond the obvious excitement of something of consequence finally happening in the MLB offseason, the Padres are an exciting young team. Machado joins the Padres infield of Luis Urias and Fernando Tatis Jr., as the rebuild finally seems to be coming together. The signing makes perfect sense, and it sets the Padres up to not only be a threat in the NL West, but the NL as a whole -- if they can add some starting pitching.

For the baseball world at large, however, it's just good to finally see either Machado or Bryce Harper get signed when every MLB team should have been scrambling to offer a deal.

Others couldn't focus on much other than what that could mean for Bryce Harper, who is still lying in wait.

Still others are just excited about the prospect of seeing Machado playing in San Diego.

Ultimately, there are a lot of winners here. Even if Machado didn't end up on your favorite team, there's something to be said for him signing anywhere at this point. For more neutral baseball fans, the Padres are going to be a team to look out for.

The NL West race may have just gotten a lot more interesting. Now, we simply wait for Harper to sign.