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It's clear that pitcher Marcus Stroman wasn't a fan of his time with the New York Mets. The pitcher signed with Cubs before the MLB lockout began, and on Wednesday he commented about his time in Queens. 

In a string of tweets, Stroman wrote that he is glad to no longer be part of the Mets and also criticized the team for hiring Billy Eppler as the general manager. 

"Just look at who the Mets hired as their GM... that tells you enough," he wrote in a tweet that has since been deleted. "His lack of awareness in his previous position is being exposed to the public now. I'm beyond thankful I'm gone from that organization. God got me!"

The pitcher elaborated on his time in New York, saying fans made racist remarks towards him and the front office did nothing about it.

"Endless death threats, being called a n----- often, hearing black lives don't matter, and playing for a front office who didn't care about any of that. Still dealt on the mound through all of that!" he wrote.

Stroman also added that he hopes free agent Michael Conforto does not return to the Mets and instead signs with another team

This is not the first time Stroman has slammed the Mets online. 

In 2021, Stroman wrote on Twitter, "I would love to be back on the squad next year. I've proven that I can pitch in NY…others usually crumble under that New York pressure. However, I know a source who says the front office rather the other pitchers on the market. I'm going to dominate wherever I end up!"

Stroman, 30, then added that he was the source.

The pitcher was with the Mets from 2019 to 2021, before signing with the Chicago Cubs this offseason.