Wild Card Round - Miami Marlins v Chicago Cubs - Game One
Getty Images

One of the biggest signifiers of just how strange this year's MLB season has been is the fact that the Miami Marlins, baseball's most frequent basement-dwellers in recent years, made it into the postseason. Their reward was getting to face a division-winning Chicago Cubs team that was looking to bounce back with a vengeance after last year's late season collapse.

Surprisingly enough, Miami held its own against a squad that should have been hellbent on destroying whoever their first round matchup was. In fact, the team did more than just hold its own, the Marlins thoroughly beat the Cubs Wednesday in their Wild Card series opener (MIA 5, CHC 1, box score) to the point where a postseason record was matched. Even better was that Miami's social media team was able to twist the knife on what happened the last time this specific record was matched.

That's right, the Marlins decided to remind Cubs fans of the infamous Steve Bartman incident that many in Chicago attributed to the team missing out on what was then the team's best shot at breaking the club's World Series drought. Those memories likely sting a lot less now that the Cubs actually have a recent World Series title, but the pain those nightmarish moments give to a sports fan never really goes away, especially when the team that created memories bring them back up.