Here's some bad news for Major League Baseball: the story early in Game 4 of the National League Championship Series on Wednesday was an instant replay, as opposed to the play on the field.

The cause for the ruckus? A play in the bottom of the second inning, in which Dodgers outfielder Andrew Toles hit a ball to right field. Cubs outfielder Jason Heyward threw the ball home, and catcher Willson Contreras retrieved and made a diving tag at Adrian Gonzalez -- whose bottom-of-the-scale speed made it anything but a bang-bang play.

Nonetheless, while Gonzalez was called out in real time, it looked like he was safe on slow-motion replays. Take a look for yourself:

You make the call ... USATSI
... Was Gonzalez out or safe? Getty Images

The umpires converged and yet, wouldn't you know it, the ruling stood -- though it was not confirmed. The best guess here is that the umpires decided Gonzalez didn't touch the plate until after Contreras' mitt touched his chin. Whether you agree with that or not ... well, disagreement on this ruling is going to run rampant:

So yeah, who knows.