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Major League Baseball announced some significant rule changes at the end of the 2022 season, including a pitch clock and the elimination of the shift. In addition, MLB will also be increasing the size of the bases from 15 square inches to 18 square inches for the 2023 season.

Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora says he agrees with the rule changes, and had a hot take on the new bases which will be 20 percent larger than in the past.

"The bases, they're the bases," Cora said on Tuesday. "Wait 'til you see them -- they look like a pizza box, to be honest with you."

MLB is hoping to make the game safer by changing the size of the bases while also increasing the number of stolen base attempts since the base paths have been decreased by four inches.

Cora still believes that the Red Sox will need to "play fast whenever we can," and believes doesn't believe that it's a guarantee that steals will be on the rise.

"Talking to the minor league coaches and everybody that used the rules last year -- it's not that all of the sudden we're going to steal 100 bags with a guy," Cora added. "The value of the out is still in play, and you get 27. So you got to be smart, you got to be efficient."

Miami Marlins infielder Jon Berti led the majors with 41 stolen bases last season while Trevor Story led the Red Sox with just 13 swiped bags.

It'll be an adjustment period for every MLB team with each of these new rules. According to Cora, MLB teams are hindered by the fact that the league's spring training schedule will be shorter due to the World Baseball Classic, which is being played from March 7-21.