In light of what Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti said about the possibility of having no live sports in Los Angeles until 2021, New York governor Andrew Cuomo was asked about the possibility of whether New York would follow similar projections. More specifically, he was asked on his brother's cable news show if there would be Yankees games this summer.

In response, the governor pointed that it'd be impossible to make an accurate projection for something nearly two months from now after so much new information has been learned about COVID-19 in less time. But he also notably mentioned talking to Mets owner Jeff Wilpon, who appeared to have a very on-brand suggestion -- when Gov. Cuomo asked about having a baseball season without fans in the park.

Now, the bit Gov. Cuomo says about the league having to make a deal with the players that involves salaries being cut should be taken with a grain of salt, especially assuming this was just something Wilpon said in a phone conversation and not something the league officially stated. Regardless, the governor of New York has made it clear that he wants live sports to return sooner rather than later to help alleviate the cabin fever that many could potentially be dealing with during this period of self isolation.