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On Friday, new reports from The Athletic detailed the alleged toxic and "rotten" culture of the New York Mets pertaining to sexual harassment and inappropriate comments in the workplace. The latest story included interviews from people who described their experiences and the little help they received. 

David Samson broke down the story on the latest episode of "Nothing Personal with David Samson," giving his advice to team owner Steve Cohen on what to do next.

Samson said the article struck him in a few ways, but what stood out most were comments made by Mets president Sandy Alderson trying to defend the team. Samson took the comments as Alderson making light of a serious situation and giving excuses where there should be none.

Samson said when you're asked to make a comment on something that happened when you weren't there, you take the call and write an email with a statement, you don't have a conversation because then they can ask questions and hear you pausing and fumbling over words. 

Samson said with confidence:

"I believe what he said in this article today is the end of Sandy's [Alderson] career. And I don't say that lightly."

The podcast host explains that Alderson should know better and how critical it is when you are in a position of power to choose your words perfectly. 

Samson believes Alderson minimized the trauma that women and men who are harassed go through, saying "is a life changing event" that can "create an issue for decades" and needs to be taken more seriously.

"Don't try to downplay what people are feeling," Samson said. "There is no statute of limitations for uncovering these wrongdoings."

Moving forward, Samson says Cohen needs to do something about these comments.

"Steve if you're serious about changing the toxic culture that you both inherited and perpetuated in your previous life, current life and existing life then Sandy Alderson can not be the leader of your organization."

He said giving employees avenues to go to where they are comfortable to speak honestly and not get penalized for it is more important than anything else in the company.