The San Francisco Giants beat the Miami Marlins 3-0 on Thursday night, but the action on the field was not what everyone was talking about. A bunny in the stands catching the game stole the show. 

This now famous bunny, Alex the Great, was enjoying some April baseball at Oracle Park and when the internet got a glimpse of the unusual fan, the pet went viral.

Meet Alex the Great, a therapy bunny, owned by Kei Kato and Josh Row. This was four-month-old Alex the Great's first baseball game, so I hope they got him some apparel or a "My First Game" pin.

Kato adopted the therapy animal as a one-month old after losing her restaurant due to the coronavirus pandemic. The official scorer of the game, David Feldman, made sure to include Alex when discussing the attendance, giving the rabbit a shoutout. "Tonight's attendance [is] 4,580, not including the rabbit," he said, according to CNN.

Alex is no stranger to the sports scene and has been seen at a NASCAR event as well. 

Some of his other favorite hobbies include going to the beach and kayaking. This bunny really does it all.

Hopefully this is not the last time we see this adorable furry friend attend a game.