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It's not uncommon for fans to give their opinion on what they think managers and coaches should be doing during games. However, not many actually get the ear of one. Well, one White Sox fan possibly did. He yelled from a seat near home plate during Chicago's game on Monday vs. the Astros and, coincidentally Tony La Russa made the move the fan was pleading for him to make.

When Eloy Jimenez hit a two-run double in the eighth inning that tied the game, the coaching staff was trying to decide if they should keep him in for a potential at-bat later, or have Adam Engel pinch run for him.

Self-described "diehard fan" Noah Weinstein was in the stands close to the dugout and loudly suggested that Engel should run. Soon after his suggestion, La Russa executed that same plan. Weinstein's son caught the moment on video.

The White Sox went on to defeat the Astros 4-2 that night. 

The possibility of La Russa actually being able to hear the fan in a loud stadium is questionable, but the manager got a chuckle out of the situation. The following day during media availability, he debunked the speculation.

"Make his day, tell him I heard him," La Russa said.

In a radio interview, Weinstein said Monday was the first White Sox game he has attended this season. He admitted he is not a huge fan of La Russa at the moment and has been disappointed with the team's offense. Even so, the fan takes baseball seriously and wants to do whatever he can to help his favorite team win.

"It was a business trip for me," Weinstein said. "I'm not going there to have fun. I want to win. This is crunch time, and I got to try to get my voice heard, and that's what I did. When it was needed to make that statement, that's what I did."

Weinstein was also present on Tuesday, when the White Sox took a 4-3 win, improving to a 61-56 overall record. The teams will face each other once again on Wednesday at 8:10 p.m. and Thursday at 2:10 p.m.