It seems like a few times a season, keen-eyed MLB watchers spot pitchers doing something questionable with their gloves. It happened when the Mets played the Phillies on Tuesday, as someone noticed that Mets starter Noah Syndergaard seemed to be going to his glove a bit too frequently.

In the fifth inning with one out, a shot showed Syndergaard going to the palm of his glove with two fingers -- specifically his index and middle fingers, the fingers pitchers generally rely on to get spin -- before grabbing the ball.

MLB screengrab

This is definitely one of those situations in which it could be something and it could be nothing. Every pitcher in baseball has tics, and habits, but deliberateness of the movement definitely casts it into question.

With that being said, the movements getting caught like this unquestionably merit a look. No matter how rampant substances like pine tar may be, the key to using them is obviously to not get caught. Not that a foreign substance would seem to have been helping much -- Syndergaard was out by the sixth inning after giving up nine hits and five runs along with three walks -- though he did log nine strikeouts as well.