George Springer is widely considered one of the best defensive outfielders in the game. He has plenty of range, an aggressive approach, and -- oh, by the way -- a strong arm. Springer showed off that last attribute during Wednesday night's game between the Astros and Cardinals.

Let's set the scene: Jhonny Peralta was up in a tied game with Stephen Piscotty on second base and one out. Peralta blooped a single in down the right-field line, causing Piscotty to scamper off with an eye on scoring.

And why not? Springer had his back to the infield when he gained control of the ball, with all his momentum taking him toward the first-base dugout. In order to make the play at the plate close, Springer would have to spin and unleash a strong, accurate throw in a hurry.

The bad news for Piscotty? Springer did just that:

For those who didn't click pause when the throw arrived, here's a screenshot:

Not even close.

That's Springer for you -- turning a low-probability out into a certainty one spinning throw at a time.