Boston Red Sox outfielder Mookie Betts went 3-for-4 and scored a run in Game 2 of the World Series, leading his team to a 2-0 series lead over the Los Angeles Dodgers. But Betts is turning heads for a gesture he made off the field.

Former Boston Red Sox second baseman and current WEEI radio host, Lou Merloni, shared this photo and information about Betts' postgame gesture to a group of homeless people:

The photo was taken by Mike Winter, a VIP host for area clubs in Boston. Winter told WEEI he was coming out of a club at about 1:45 a.m. Thursday morning — just a few hours after the Red Sox defeated the Dodgers 4-2 at Fenway in Game 2 of the World Series — when he saw two men handing trays of food to a line of homeless who were lined up along the Boston Public Library.

Winter recognized Betts.

"You see a lot of celebrities do stuff for recognition but the fact was he was trying to stay totally on the down-low," Winter told "He wasn't out looking for any recognition all. A lot of people are looking for a pat on the back and he wasn't looking for that whatsoever. He was incognito just trying to do good."