With just under eight minutes to go in the fourth quarter, things got a little heated between the Charlotte Hornets and Orlando Magic on Thursday. 

It started when Orlando's R.J. Hampton appeared to give Charlotte's Jalen McDaniels a pretty good chuck on a drive into the paint, then followed up with hands to McDaniels' face area as the two were entangled. 

From there, tempers flared, and before you knew it all 10 players on the court were doing what NBA basketball players tend to do -- a lot of shoving and pointing. 

You can see Orlando's Robin Lopez pretty gassed, followed by Charlotte's Montrezl Harrell and Orlando's Admiral Schofield getting tough with one another. All three of those guys were ejected. 

To me, Hampton started the whole thing, but he wasn't one of the three to get the boot. He chucked McDaniels pretty good with a pretty high elbow, and it didn't look like McDaniels did much more than try to separate when Hampton got aggressive again post-whistle. 

At any rate, three players were thrown out for this "fight" ... if you want to call it that.