If you needed more proof that NBA players are more obsessive video gamers than middle-schoolers who hoard Mountain Dew in the basement, Josh Hart is here to give it to you.

The Los Angeles Lakers guard, a first-round draft pick of the Utah Jazz in 2017, is recovering from a broken hand he suffered in a late-February practice. But as he explained on "The Dan Patrick Show" this week, his injury, which could keep him off the court well into April, may have been the best thing to ever happen to him.

And that's because it's allowed him to pour hour after hour into "Fortnite," the co-op zombie-survival game that's exploded so quickly it's required news outlets to cater to all the non-Millenials and middle-school Dew guzzlers who have no idea what it actually is.

"There was one time Larry Nance (Jr.) came over before we played the Cavaliers," Hart told Dan Patrick, "and we literally had four TVs set up in my living room, we all had our own PS4s, and we ran like a whole 'Fortnite' squad for, like, 10 hours that day."

Productivity at its finest!

And if 10 straight hours of play wasn't enough to confirm Hart's dedication to the game, let alone spark a conversation on a society willfully sinking into virtual reality, then his answers to Patrick's follow-up questions sure were.

Asked whether he'd rather spend time with his girlfriend or spend time with Ninja, an esports star known for his "Fortnite" domination (welcome to 2018), the 23-year-old Laker laughed before showing his true colors: "Right now, Ninja ... (He) might be the hotter one out right now."

And as for the national championship Hart won as part of Villanova's men's basketball team in 2016? "Fortnite" can never top that, right?

"It's tough, because we won the national championship in dramatic fashion ... but the first time I won Fortnite, I was screaming, I jumped up out my chair, I was hype," he said, later admitting that if the Wildcats had won their title by something like 15 points rather than three, winning "Fortnite" would "definitely" be the bigger achievement.