The Cavaliers are struggling this season and the front office apparently thinks it's more than just their usual January swoon. They've been linked in trade rumors involving the Kings' George Hill and the Clippers' DeAndre Jordan already. Now, they've been linked to another guard and one that can put points on the board.

According to Marc Stein of the New York Times, the Cavs have shown interest in Clippers guard Lou Williams. The former Sixth Man of The Year winner can put points up in a hurry and Cleveland recognizes that. Reportedly, Tristan Thompson and J.R. Smith have been offered in discussions.

Williams is an interesting name to hear involved with the Cavs. In a vacuum, he's just another scoring guard that would be going to a team with plenty of offense already. He is having a great season and could fill in the role for Smith, but this feels like it's part of something far bigger.

The Cavs have now been linked to three names in trade rumors. It sounds like they're willing to shake up their entire roster for the sake of having a better chance to run at the title. What will be interesting to see is who they're willing to send away in the process. Staples of their last championship, Thompson and Smith, feel like just the start of how much they're willing to move.