The reports of Derrick Rose's decision to take a leave of absence from the Cleveland Cavaliers came out of nowhere in recent days, but according to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, Rose is staying in contact with the Cavs' front office. Via ESPN:

Cleveland Cavaliers guard Derrick Rose is staying in communication with the franchise's front office during his self-imposed exile, but his future status with the team remains unclear, league sources told ESPN.

Rose is deliberating on whether he wants to work toward returning from a sprained ankle to re-join the Cavaliers this season, or even continue his NBA career, league sources said.

He left the Cavaliers on Wednesday, league sources said. Rose's increasing frustration with injuries is causing him to question his desire to continue playing, league sources said. The mental toll from a series of significant injuries that have diminished the production of the youngest NBA Most Valuable Player in history have played a part in the personal soul-searching on Rose's future, league sources said.

This is better than last season, when he mysteriously disappeared from the Knicks, skipping a game with no explanation whatsoever. 

As Rose contemplates his future with not only the Cavaliers, but basketball in general, LeBron James said that him and his teammates, "want the best for [Rose]." He added that there's "no substitute" for a clear head, and the players in the locker room want Rose to be happy. Via ESPN:

"We want, whatever he decides to do, we want the best for him," James said following the Cavs' 100-99 win over the Charlotte Hornets on Friday. "At the end of the day, you can't substitute nothing for happiness. And obviously, we know the injuries that he's been going through his whole career. We hope this ain't the end, but if it is, I was happy I got an opportunity to spend a couple months with him and watch him be the great point guard that he once was.

"But at the end of the day, a clearer head, there's no substitute for that. We want the best for Derrick. ... No matter if he comes back, no matter if he doesn't, we want him as an individual, as a man, as a father to be just happy with whatever decision he makes."

Rose has not played since Nov. 11, and has already missed 12 of the Cavs' 19 games this season due to ankle problems. In the offseason he signed a one-year, $2.1 million deal with Cleveland.