An injured Kevin Durant had some words for Dwight Howard during an altercation on Sunday that involved Houston Rockets point guard Patrick Beverley and Oklahoma City Thunder coach Scott Brooks. 

What did Durant say, then? Did the MVP thank Howard for praying for him after his injury? Was it some playful banter? Harmless trash talk? A reminder of the time Durant sort of dunked on him? No, no, no and no. 

"You're a p----," Durant said repeatedly, according to the Oklahoman's Anthony Slater.

If that's indeed what was said, that's not great. The whole female-body-parts-as-synonyms-for-weak thing is more than a little outdated. And really, Howard -- who takes a nightly beating in the paint and perhaps unwisely played through a serious shoulder injury a couple of years ago -- is not the right target for this particular insult.

Sidelined players are largely shielded from the media, so you have to wonder if Durant will even have to answer questions on this.