If you thought the NFL's commitment to pageantry would be stifled because the NFL Draft was moved to a virtual environment, then you probably spent the first 15 minutes of the event in quite a surprised state. Roger Goodell, broadcasting live from his basement, kicked things off with some supportive words to first responders treating people fighting the coronavirus, a request to donate to an NFL charity and a moment of silence.

Most surprising, however, was another novel approach for the NFL Draft: a virtual singing of the national anthem. While the tune is usually found at the beginning of actual live games, a rendition of the "Star-Spangled Banner" is actually normally performed before the NFL Draft, and has been since 2015. This year it was sung by Harry Conick Jr.

It seems that the NFL wanted to keep things familiar for fans, so just like the Super Bowl, it seems that this rendition of the anthem was pre-recorded. After his performance, Connick Jr. took the time to give a few words of encouragement to the hospital workers who are helping battle this novel respiratory disease.

The performance is a perfect embodiment of everything we should expect to see all weekend: recognizable NFL Draft sights that feels slightly off given the circumstances.