Now that the NFL has changed the Pro Bowl from a glorified scrimmage to what hopes to be a more competitive flag football event, the league will hold not one, not two, but three flag football games between NFC and AFC players on Sunday, Feb. 5 in Las Vegas.

Pro Bowlers will be broken up across three flag football games that will see 20-minute games with two halves played on 50-yard fields. Scoring plays will count for six points with a one-point conversion from the 5-yard line.

The NFL is labeling the entire week of festivities the Pro Bowl Games. The skills competitions will mostly take place on Thursday, Feb. 2, including quarterback competitions, kicking competitions and other events. There will be cumulative scoring in the skills events in the week leading up to the flag football games on Sunday that will help determine which conference wins the event. The third and final flag game will determine the conference winner.

The games themselves will be 7-on-7 flag events as the league continues its push to become more of a global game with flag football.

"With a spotlight on Flag football and exciting Pro Bowl Skills, fans can watch their favorite players live and in person, as they compete in an entirely revamped way," NFL EVP of club business and league events, Peter O'Reilly, said in a statement. "We can't wait to share this experience with our players, their families and fans."

And don't think who wins doesn't matter. According to the CBA, players on the winning team will get $88,000 and players on the losing team will receive $44,000.