Von Miller leads the Broncos in more than just sacks. (USATSI)

Since John Elway has taken over football operations in Denver, the Broncos have:

  • somehow and someway made the playoffs with Tim Tebow playing quarterback
  • successfully courted Peyton Manning
  • gone to the Super Bowl
  • started enforcing a fart tax in meetings

One of those factoids is more impressive and unheard of than the rest of them (and no, I'm not talking about making the playoffs with Tebow).

That would be the "fart tax," which I promise you, is not something I'm making up. Well then, how do we know this so-called fart tax?

Von Miller, the team's star linebacker, was happy to talk all about it:

And yes, he provided details:

Von Miller, the Broncos' sack and fart machine, has a point. Let the man fart for free.