The NFL is filled with trailblazing women, making history by being the first female to fill their role. Now more than ever, the number of women is increasing in the league.

One of these trailblazers is Kelly Kleine, Executive Director of Football Operations and Special Advisor to the General Manager for the Denver Broncos and the second-highest-ranking woman in NFL scouting history.

Kleine said she loves seeing more women being hired by the NFL and says young girls seeing women fill these jobs gives them further proof that it is possible.

She said:

"I think I'm most proud of the number of women getting into football. It's so cool to see. I don't know if I had any part of that, but if I did, that's what I'm most proud of. Young girls can see women working in the NFL and know it's an option for them ... the progress that's been made is what I'm most proud of, and hopefully that continues to grow."

Women are often questioned in these roles. Kleine says this is far from justified and that women are just as qualified for the position.

She questions "A lot of men who are scouts didn't play football. Anyone can learn it if you put the time in ... If they could learn it, why can't I? There are general managers and coaches out there who never played either, so what's holding us back?"

Women have been making progress in the league from coaching positions, to referee jobs and the trailblazing is only set to continue.

Kleine says when she was first starting in the league, the women stood out because there were so few, but now it is becoming more normal to see women working for teams.

"In my first year, there were something like three women for 32 teams. We really stood out. The number of women has grown and this year, women are everywhere within the club scouting departments. It's incredible. It's only going to continue to evolve and now we need to keep elevating the women who are in," she said.

The NFL is doing a series called "Next Woman Up," where they highlight some of the women making an impact in the league.

The NFL website writes, "Women are rising up the ranks throughout professional football, earning positions of power in a space that for too long was ruled almost exclusively by men. We're seeing more and more women breaking barriers in the sport, but what are the stories beyond the headlines? Who are the women shaping and influencing the NFL today?"