Colin Kaepernick may not have a new team or a new contract, but that’s not stopping him from putting his money where his mouth is. With the help of Ben Stiller’s charity, The Stiller Foundation, as well as several YouTube stars, Kaepernick is raising funds to fly food and water to people in Somalia. 

As Kaepernick says in the video, Turkish Airlines has granted a 60-ton cargo plane to fly to Somalia with food and water, for however long it takes to end the famine that is sweeping the country. They’ll be sending rice, vegetable cooking oil, nutritional biscuits, flour, sugar, and porridge.

Kaepernick is working directly with Love Army For Somalia, and the GoFundMe page they created specifies that Stiller’s foundation will receive and manage all donated funds, so people can be confident that every donated dollar goes to help those in need. 

As of this writing, the campaign has exceeded its $1 million funding goal in 22 hours.