NFL: Washington Redskins at Arizona Cardinals
Mark J. Rebilas / USA TODAY Sports

Washington Football Team will officially unveil its new name and logo on Feb. 2, with team president Jason Wright and other faces of the franchise teasing a Groundhog Day announcement on Tuesday. Wright and Co. claim to have narrowed a list of 40,000 fan submissions to three final name possibilities, and they've already ruled out several options, including "RedWolves." But what if Washington's new name has already been leaked? One specific website is stirring up speculation.

Nearly a month before Washington's planned name-change reveal, redirects to the team's official website, The "Admirals" nickname, meanwhile, is reportedly among nine different finalists for the club's new identity, along with "Armada," "Presidents" and "Red Hogs."

It's possible that Washington did not set up the domain, but it should be noted that no other combination of "Washington" plus other rumored nicknames -- like "Armada" or "Brigade" or "Commanders" -- presently link to the team website. That could mean several things: someone accidentally linked the "Admirals" page to Washington's website, Washington accidentally linked the pages early, or someone is trying to fool everyone before the official unveiling.

In any event, "Admirals" certainly appears to be in contention for Washington's new name. The team also teased new uniforms Tuesday that feature stars on the jerseys, which would blend with the military theme of several reported name options.