Forget making the Philadelphia Eagles' final roster.

If Ian Park, former Slippery Rock guard and one of 15 undrafted rookies signed by the defending Super Bowl champions this week, doesn't crack the Eagles' 53-man depth chart over the course of this offseason, he's already cemented his name in team lore for what he did the first day of rookie camp.

What did Park do, you ask? Why, he took to the showers of the Eagles' practice facility -- presumably after his first on-field action with the team -- and belted out the opera-like "Halo" theme song.

Park probably had inspiration for singing the chilling tune, which was modeled after "chanting monks" and made its first appearance in the signature Xbox series in 2001. Just about a week before his arrival at Eagles camp, a guy named Drew Vickers went viral on Twitter for his own rendition of the song -- a spin-off of both the Walmart yodeling kid and another "Halo" singer from years ago.

But it gets better. Because the original "Halo" singer from years ago was actually ... Ian Park.

That's right. The new Eagles lineman was apparently behind that video as well, and he said as much on Twitter recently.

How accurate were his pipes in both attempts? Judge for yourself -- and try not to dig for your old Xbox in the process. Here's the actual theme song: