Tom Brady is back. And it's possible he never really wanted to leave. Or at least that's what Brady's father, Tom Brady Sr., suggested on Mike Greenberg's "Greeny" podcast this week, while addressing his son's return from retirement to the Buccaneers. Days after Brady's abrupt announcement that he'd be coming back just one month after leaving the NFL, his dad hinted that premature reports of Brady's retirement prompted the QB to hang it up, adding that the entire Brady family agreed the seven-time Super Bowl champion still belongs on the field.

*"We're happy as could be that Tommy has made the decision to come back," Brady Sr. said, per "They were announcing his retirement before he even retired. You know, the media made the news. He was not ready to make any decision and didn't make any decision, but (ESPN's Adam) Schefter and (NFL Media's Jeff) Darlington stated it as fact. You know, he hadn't made any decision on that."

Brady proceeded to announce his retirement just days after initial reports that he was planning to call it a career. But in the 40 days he spent "away" from the game, his dad explained, he confirmed that his place remained in the NFL.

"(He) had time to reflect with his family, you know, (on) what gives him the greatest joy in his life, and they all agreed that this is the path forward that works best for the Brady family," Brady Sr. said. "He is happy as can be ... It just took a little bit of time to sort this thing out. I mean, he's kind of in uncharted territory ... Not very many people get to to make this decision at 44 years of age, going on 45."

As for Brady's readiness for 2022, his 23rd NFL season, Brady Sr. said his son couldn't be more prepared.

"He just doesn't play football," he said. "He is a football player to the soles of his shoes. He loves every minute of it ... Nothing replaces the joy that he gets being on the 100-yard football field."